The Best Face Mask For Suntan Removal


The Best Face Mask For Suntan, Blemishes, Dark Spots And Open Pores.

It’s actually a mask + scrub, so it’s twice more beneficial than the common masks and scrubs which you use, making it the best face mask ever!

best suntan removal face mask

Sun Tan Removal Method

Getting rid of suntan at home is quite a complicated process because most of the scrubs and facemasks available in the market are not that effective in the short term. And work only when you use them for a long time. Sometimes you don’t get results even with regular use if your skin is regularly exposed to sunrays. But this face mask will work within a week and will help you get rid of even the slightest suntan on your skin at your home itself! So now you don’t need to spend thousands of rupees in salons to get your skin de-tan.

This face mask helps to tighten your skin and hence, is a solution to your problem of ugly open pores. It will also help you fade away blemishes and dark spots or acne scars on your skin with regular usage.


  • Rice flour

rice flour for suntan

  • Milk (for dry or combination skin)

suntan removal mask

  • Aloe vera gel (for oily skin)

aleo vera gel

Procedure to prepare sun tan mask

First step take two tablespoons of rice flour and add in enough milk to make a slightly thick paste to that it doesn’t drip from your face when you apply it. Similarly, you may add in some aloe vera gel along with the milk, or you may add in aloe vera gel only.

Try not to use water to make a paste because water doesn’t soften the rice flour because of which your skin can develop rashes and redness when you scrub it before washing it out. However, you can use few drops of water along with the aloe vera gel.



  1. If your skin is super dry type, then you can add in the paste half a tablespoon of honey or coconut oil as well.
  2. You can increase or decrease the quantity of mask to be prepared to depend upon the area of application.
  3. I’ll advise you to prepare this face mask fresh daily. But still, if you don’t want to do that, you can prepare it in a slightly larger quantity and can store it in the refrigerator for about three days and then make a new batch of it.


face mask

When the mask has been prepared, apply a medium to a thick layer of it on your skin. Leave it like that for around 25-30 minutes. After the mask has dried on your skin completely, dampen your face with water and start scrubbing your face gently. Massage your skin for around 5-10 minutes, depending upon the intensity of the suntan. After you have finished the process of scrubbing, wash off everything with normal or lukewarm water. The thing that you must keep in your mind while scrubbing your skin is that you must not rub your skin with too much force or harshly. Otherwise, your skin can even graze, and we definitely do not want to develop more scars on our skin.

Golden Tips

After you have washed off everything, pat dries your skin with a soft towel and rub 2-3 ice cubes on your face. This will further help to close down all the pores on your skin. If your skin is sensitive, then you can cover the ice cube in a handkerchief and then rub it on your face. After doing this, you can even take an ice facial instead of rubbing ice cubes only. To know more about ice facial, do read about it on this blog.

Don’t be lazy, and please try out this face mask + scrub continuously for a week, once a day and the results will truly amaze you. You will be amazed at discovering such a cheap and natural face mask that can be easily prepared at home. With only two ingredients and is undoubtedly better than thousands of cosmetic face masks out there. Face masks that are available in the market have lots and lots of chemicals and preservatives added to them. But this face mask is completely natural and safe for all skin types.

Do try it out and  I promise you that you’ll love it.


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