Simple And Brilliant Weight Loss Tips


Simple And Brilliant Weight Loss Tips

I will be suggesting you some simple and brilliant weight loss tips which help in keeping your body healthy and disease-free too!

tips for weight loss

Following are the factors you should keep in mind

1. Water consumption 

When you wake up in the morning, have a litre of lukewarm water before doing anything else. You can take lukewarm water in summers and warm to hot water in winters. The first day you start taking water…you might not be able to consume a litre of water straightaway. You can begin this routine with one glass and increase the quantity gradually day by day. I’ll advise you to adopt this habit for your entire lifetime.

water consumption

Note: I have not suggested having lemon water in the morning because it doesn’t suit most of the people. Having an acidic drink first thing in the morning is not healthy for your stomach. But it might suit you, to test this you can have it for a week and if you face no health issues, you can proceed with the habit of having a glass of lukewarm water with the juice of a lemon in it.

2. Amount of water to be consumed 

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Having lots of water in the morning initially and forgetting to have enough water during the day is the stupidest mistake you can ever commit. You can calculate the amount of water that you must consume during the day simply by this formula [ Water (in litres) to drink a day = your weight (in kgs) multiplied by 0.033. ] You can definitely consume more water than this calculated amount but you must never consume water less than this quantity. I’ll suggest you have 1 lire of water in addition to the water quantity above because when you plan to do weight loss, the toxins in your body need to be flushed out which will be done by the water.

3. Give more time on food chewing 

Chew your food 32 times, doesn’t matter whether you’re having fruits, veggies, tortillas, oats or rice. The only thing which you must keep in your mind is that you’re gulping only liquid down your throat and not any solid food particles.

4. Brisk walk 

weight loss

Take a 10-minute walk after having your meals through the day.

5. Dinner timing

dinner time for weight loss

Have your dinner before 7:00 PM.

6. Intermittent fasting

Try intermittent fasting. I have provided detail information on intermittent fasting on this blog itself, so don’t forget to read more about it.

7. Green tea consumption


green tea

Have green tea three times a day.

8. Doing exercise is very necessary


Exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. If you want to know more about simple and super effective exercises which you can do at home without any equipment, read about it on this blog.

9. Cut down your sugar consumption

weight loss ideas

Stop adding sugar to all your drinks. Don’t add sugar to your juices, milk and other drinks. Don’t have sugary foods or cookies or snacks. If you necessarily need to add something to your drinks to make them a little sweeter, you can add in the honey.

10. Take a proper diet

Having a proper meal which is low in carbs and fats and rich in proteins is very essential. I have provided a detailed diet-plan on this blog itself, have a look at it if you’re looking for an easy and effective diet plan for weight loss.


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