How to Grow Nails Faster – DIY Nails Serum Solution


How to Grow Nails Faster?

how to grow nails faster

Worry about how to grow your nail faster?

It is rightly said that ‘the first impression is the last impression.’

When somebody meets you for the first time, they end up noticing your hands knowingly or unknowingly. No matter how pretty your hands are, they won’t look good if your nails are not on point.

Nobody finds brittle and ungroomed nails attractive, and when your fingernails are healthy and smooth, even your nail paint applies better, which is why people are always concerned about how to grow nails faster.

DIY Nail Serum

We have a DIY Nail Serum recipe in store for you. To make this chemical-free Nail serum, you’ll need the following ingredients

Olive Oil

diy nail serum

Coconut Oil

diy nail serum

Jojoba Oil

how to grow nails faster

Lemon Essential Oil

how to grow nails faster

Take a bowl, pour one tablespoon of olive oil, one tablespoon on coconut oil, two tablespoons of jojoba oil into it, and mix them well.

Add two-three drops of lemon essential oil to give a pleasant fragrance to your nail serum. Store this DIY nail serum in a container

Apply this nail serum every night before going to bed.

It will make your nails healthy and help them grow faster. This nail serum will make your cuticles soft and reverse the damage caused due to the regular application of nail paints.

List of things that will help you grow your nails faster

There isn’t a particular step by which your nails will start growing faster, but there are a few things that will improve your nail growth and can be incorporated in your daily lifestyle very quickly.

Drink enough water

Hydration is essential as our body is incapable of growth when it is dehydrated. If your nails tend to break, this may be because of the lack of water consumption.

Increase your protein intake

Protein is essential for your body’s overall health, and your nails will become brittle and weak if your overall health is poor.

Don’t bite your nails

A lot of people have the habit of biting their nails when they get worried or anxious.

Groom your nails

No matter how short your nails are, regular trimming and filing are important. Even out the edges using a filer as it reduces the chances of breakage.

Calcium and Vitamins

It has been seen that people who have a deficiency of calcium and vitamins have weak nails. Food items like egg, fish, milk, and paneer will provide the required nutrients to your body.


Include food items that are loaded with biotin as biotin promotes cell growth. Vegetables and fruits like cauliflower, bananas, mushrooms, and nuts are great for your nails.

Almond oil

Massage your nails with almond oil every night. It will make your nails healthy and improve the texture.

Wear gloves while doing the dishes

When you wash the dishes very often, your nails become moist and weak due to excessive water absorption. Wearing gloves while doing the dishes will prevent your nails from breaking.

how to grow nails faster

Try to keeps these points in mind and include them in your daily lifestyle to help your nails grow faster.

We hope you find these tips helpful.

We highly recommend you follow these regularly and religiously, and you’ll never have to worry about how to grow your nails faster.


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