DIY Lip Mask – For Plumped, Luscious And Glossy Lips


DIY Lip Mask – For Hydrated Lips

Are you fed up with dry, chapped, or cracked lips? Then try our amazing DIY Lip Mask!

If you have this issue, then this might be seriously irritating. This problem worsens when you have dry skin because that means that your lips will also be deprived of natural moistness. In that case, finding even the perfect Chapstick for yourself becomes a whole lot of trouble.

lip scrub

But forget all of those chapped lip days because now I am going to share with you one such amazingly hydrating DIY lip mask which will heal your lips from within and will help keep them soft and nourished all day long. This lip mask will give you the smoothest, plumpest, luscious, plushest kissable lips ever!

Honey, Glycerin and Sugar  DIY Lip Mask

Ingredients you’ll need for preparing DIY lip mask

1 teaspoon of honey – Honey works as an exfoliator and will help in moisturizing and treating cracked lips.

sugar honey lip balm

1 teaspoon of glycerin – Glycerin will help in the growth of new lips cell and makes your lips pink and soft.


1 teaspoon of sugar ( the sugar particles must be slightly crushed and not too coarse otherwise it can hurt your lips) – Sugar will help in removing dead cells from your lips.

sugar for lip mask

You’ll also need a little bowl and some paper towels or tissue papers.


Put all of the above-mentioned ingredients in a bowl and give it a quick mix. Apply the mixture to your lips and cover your lips with a paper towel or a tissue paper. Coat the paper towel with the mixture too. Now let it sit on your lips for 10-15 minutes. After that, take off the paper towel from your lips and dollop some more of the mixture onto your lips and start massaging your lips with it. Give your lips a massage for 5 minutes and then wash off the mask and pat dry.

lip scrub

Now you must apply 3-4 drops of pure mustard oil on your lips and let it sit on your lips like that only because it is truly amazing for dry lips. It seems like a golden lip gloss and looks really pretty. Mustard oil will also help to tighten the skin on your lips. Although, if you do not wish to use mustard oil, you can use your favorite lip balm or chapstick. This will prevent your lips from getting dry after the treatment.

Do try out this amazing easy-peasy DIY lip mask and get the most plumped and beautiful lips ever!

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