DIY Hair Growth Serum – For Strong, Long and Beautiful hair


DIY Hair Growth Serum 

diy hair growth serum

We have an effective DIY Hair Growth Serum recipe for you, which will make your hair strong, long, and beautiful.

I really miss those golden days when we didn’t have to worry about things like Hair Fall.

Mostly, everybody who is in their twenties or thirties is worried about hair fall and is always in search of the ways that will help in hair growth. Lately, hair growth serums are ‘the talk of the town.’

Ingredients Required For DIY Hair Growth Serum

To make the hair growth serum, you will need the following ingredients.

Dried Rosemary Leaves

rosemery dried leaves for hair growth

Dried Thyme Leaves

dried thyme leaves

Jojoba Essential Oil

jojoba essential oil hair serum

In a saucepan, boil one cup water with one tablespoon dried rosemary and one tablespoon dried thyme leaves for a few minutes. Strain it in a container and let it cool down. Once it reaches normal temperature, transfer it to a glass dropper or spray bottle.

Lastly, add 4-5 drops of jojoba oil into the hair growth serum, close the lid, and shake it well.

Your DIY hair serum is ready for use.

Hair serums penetrate deep into your scalp and work its magic from within. Hair serums are non-greasy and lightweight. If hair serum is a product that you would want to try and see the results yourself, then you have nowhere to go.

How to use your DIY hair growth serum?

Apply the serum on your scalp using a spray bottle or take a few drops of the serum in your palm and gently apply it on your scalp using your fingertips.

Massage the serum into your scalp for a couple of minutes. This will not only help in the absorption of the serum but also improve blood circulation.

For visible results, apply DIY hair growth serum 3-4 times a week.

diy hair growth serum

Benefits of the Ingredients

  1. Rosemary: It is proven to improve blood circulation, which eventually leads to cell regeneration. Rosemary adds antiinflammatory and analgesic properties to yourhair growth serum, making it extremely useful for reducing scalp itchiness.
  2. Thyme: This European herb is excellent for reducing dandruff and unclogging hair follicles. Thyme is antibacterial and antimicrobial. Its primary function in this DIY hair growth serum is to reduce hair loss.
  3. Jojoba Essential Oil: Jojoba Oil is loaded with fatty acids and natural alcohol that are beneficial for hair growth. It is also rich in vitamins, and regular use of Jojoba Oil will give you healthy and shiny hair.

Few Tips to Increase Hair Growth Naturally


  • Oil your hair twice a week.
  • Wash your hair with a good shampoo twice a week. If you have greasy scalp or dandruff issues, wash a thrice a week.
  • Massage your scalp frequently to improve blood circulation.
  • Use sulfate and paraben-free hair products.
  • Don’t stress a lot. It will create a hormonal disbalance, and you will end up losing more hair.
  • Reduce the use of heat appliances, chemicals, and dry shampoos.
  • Include food items like fish, egg, spinach, sweet potato, and nuts on an everyday basis.
  • Apply your DIY hair growth serum 3 to 4 times a day.

Remember, when you are happy and healthy from inside, your hair will eventually look good.

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