Best Morning Routine – For a Productive Day


Best Morning Routine- For a Great Start to Your Day

best morning routine

How you start your day has a significant impact on how your entire day is going to be. People who utilize their morning time well tend to have a productive day ahead compared to those who don’t. This is because when you have a slow start to your day, it is difficult to pick up the pace. There are just 24 hours in a day and so much to do, it is impossible to do everything if you don’t start your day early and in the right way. The best morning routine will help you get done with everything you have on your plate for the day.

15 To-Do Things to Start Your Best Morning Routine

We’ve created an easy to follow best morning routine for you which has 15 things on the list: 

  1. Wake-up: Make sure you don’t hit the snooze button and get out of your bed in the first alarm. Before starting your day, make an affirmation. This will make you positive and give you the motivation you need for the entire day.
  2. Make Your Bed: This should be your first task of the day. Play a song if you feel like, as it will set you in the right mood. When the bed is made, it is challenging to snuggle back in. Remove the curtains and let the sunlight in.
  3. Freshen-up: Brush your teeth, freshen up, wash your face, and do your hair. Apply a moisturizer if you need it.
  4. Coffee Time/Tea Time: A lot of people can’t start their best morning routine without a cup of coffee/tea. So enjoy your coffee with your family or just sit by the window and enjoy your coffee.
  5. Meditate/Pray/Read: This is your ‘me time’ and has to be the most important part of your best morning routine. A lot of things happen during the day, and it does get overwhelming sometimes. A 15-20 minutes ‘me time’ will help you clear your thoughts and give you the strength to deal with the world for the entire day.
  6. Check Your Phone: Try not to check your phone just after you’ve woken up. A lot of things are happening on social media, and you don’t want any outside source to ruin your morning. It is the time when you go through your texts or emails and reply back.
  7. Plan Your Day: Make a to-do list or write down everything you are supposed to do. This way you won’t forget anything.
  8. Workout: Try dedicating at least 30 minutes of your best morning routine to any physical activity, that can be cardio, yoga, or just a walk. You can have a protein drink, smoothie, or fruit after you finish your workout.
  9. Take a shower: After a good sweat session, a shower is necessary. Take a shower and do your skincare or haircare routine. You can also decide your outfit if you are planning to head out.
  10. Prepare Your Meals: Most people end up skipping meals, or they order something unhealthy. Your life will become more easier if you start prepping your meals. When you get in the kitchen to make yourself a nutritious breakfast, spend ten more minutes, and prep for your lunch and dinner.
  11. Time To Eat: By this time, you’ll be hungry and would want to sit down and relax a bit. Watch an episode from your favorite web series or listen to a podcast while you enjoy your breakfast.
  12. Do The Dishes: Clean your dishes just after using them. Make this as a habit, and you’ll never have to wash the dishes in bulk. It saves time, and your kitchen is always squeaky clean.
  13. Get Done With Your Pending Work: Do your homework or office work, if you have any. Spend at least 10 minutes of your best morning routine in learning something new. You can also journal at this point in time.
  14. Get Ready For The Day: If you have to go to your school, university, or office, set your bag. Put on your outfit, fix your hair, and you are ready for the day.
  15. Clear The Mess: Before you step out of your house, clear whatever mess you’ve created since morning. So that in the evening, you don’t have to start cleaning your house/room the moment you come back.

morning routine

This is a generalized best morning routine, and you can obviously make a few changes here and there as per your schedule. You’ll have plenty of time throughout the day to work on your goals, be creative, and achieve everything that wants.

Start your day early and follow a proper morning routine to see visible changes in your lifestyle.


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